Choose the Suitable Player for You

Pixage is compatible with a large selection of players for you to truly have the full freedom to choose.

What is a Digital Signage Player?

Devices that allow you to digitize your screen by installing Pixage are called players. Players are grouped as internal and external.

It consists of computers that allow you to digitize the screen by connecting its external players to your screen with a HDMI or similar cable. TV Boxes, laptop or desktop computers can be given as examples.

Internal players consist of screens that allow you to manage without the need for extra devices. Android TVs, industrial screens that bespoke produced for digital signage can be given as examples.

What is a Player Code ?

After installing the Pixage application on your player, your player automatically generates a code consisting of 6 characters when connected to the internet. By logging into your Pixage account, you can complete the setup of your player by entering the automatically generated code you see on the screen in the player code section in the new player addition area.

How Do I Install ?

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